AdGraphics is a 3M Scotchprint Graphics Authorized Manufacturer.

Select the type of cut best suited for your application . . .

Contour-Cut Decal
These are examples of a "CONTOUR" cut. The blade would cut loosely all around the image leaving white vinyl surrounding the graphic.  This type of cut is best suited for decals applied to any colored background.

These are examples of an "OUTLINE" cut.  The blade would cut on the very edge of the graphic. Graphics with text would cut inside and outside of the text. This kind of cut removes all background vinyl, leaving only the graphic image.  This type of die cutting would be sent to you with transfer tape over the graphic to hold any "loose" letters or images in place prior to installation.  This type of cut would be used when you want the entire background or surface to be seen behind the graphic.

More Die Cutting Examples