AdGraphics is a 3M Scotchprint Graphics Authorized Manufacturer.

Perforated AdVision - Split View


This image shows the difference in color density between 3M ScotchPrint and AdVision (perforated window film). The left side is printed at full density color on 3M ScotchPrint. The right side is also printed at full density color, except it's printed on AdVision. As you can clearly see the left side of the graphic is slightly more vibrant that the right side.

The reason is simply because there is less material where the holes form the perforation is missing. This perforation technology allows you to see right through image.

Cheetah CU
This is a close-up view of the above image. See our Vehicle Wraps pages showing
regular ScotchPrint™ graphics spliced together with AdVision™ perforated widow graphics.

Inside View