AdGraphics is a 3M Scotchprint Graphics Authorized Manufacturer.

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1.  What is the exterior durability of your materials?  Back to the top

The durability varies with each material. Our best vinyl (8620) carries a LONG 7-YEAR warranty from 3M (the BEST material in the industry). Please see our Warranty page.

2.  What size limitations are there?  Back to the top

There are virtually NO size limitations. The material PRINT widths available for our vinyls are 35" - 48" - 52" - 60" from a 150 ft. roll. We can print 16 ft. without a seam on our banners. Wanna go BIGGER?! We can seam panels together to make any size image that you require. We have even wrapped entire buildings with graphics. See our Cool Stuff pages for many ideas!

3.  What artwork do I need to supply?   Back to the top

Send us your photos, disks, transparencies, renderings or drawings, we can produce your graphics to your specifications from any media supplied. See our "Artwork Guidelines" page for more information. We also have a complete photographic studio if you would like us to shoot your products. See our "Photography" page for more info.

4.  What materials are available?  Back to the top

Our 3M™ vehicle material is 2mil, to accommodate rivets, sharp contours, seams, etc. for an excellent clean look. It carries a LONG 7-YEAR warranty from 3M™ (it's the BEST material in the industry). We are proud to be a 3M™ dealer.

  • 4mil for all smooth surface applications.
  • Reflective vinyl for HIGH VISIBILITY at night.
  • Translucent materials for illuminated backlit applications.
  • Banner material for special events and promotionals.
  • Floor Minders for point of purchases.
  • For further information, check out 3M Graphics Website.
  • We have a huge variety of materials for any application. Please call one of our customer service reps with any questions.

5.  Can you match PMS colors?  Back to the top

We print digital "4-Color Process" (CMYK), and we can match most PMS colors. Some PMS colors cannot be matched exactly using CMYK. If you have a particular color you need to match, we can print you a "SWATCH PROOF" for comparison. See our CMYK Color Conversion Chart for your selection.

6.  How big does the file need to be?  Back to the top

For most viewing distances, we prefer 100 dpi at the final output size. Large tractor trailers, buses or billboards can be printed at 50 dpi. Refer to our "Resolution Table" for more information.

7.  What file formats do you accept?  Back to the top

We accept all media types in either Mac or PC platforms. See "Artwork Guidelines."

8.  How long will it take to produce my job?  Back to the top

Most jobs can be completed within 4 to 5 business days of receipt of your artwork.

9.  Can I get a color proof? Back to the top

Color proofs are optional and available upon request for a minimal fee.  Proofs are not always necessary. However if you choose not to inspect a color proof, your job will be produced "AS IS" per your supplied artwork. AdGraphics makes every effort to produce your job as it was intended. However, AdGraphics is NOT responsible for mistakes on your finished job, or colors that were not approved by you if you elect not to receive a proof.

10.  How much will it cost to ship my job?  Back to the top

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11. What is your fax number?  Back to the top

954-974-9925 / See Contact Us for more info.

12.  Do you take credit cards?  Back to the top

Most major credit cards are accepted. Please download and print a Credit Card Authorization form and fax it to your account rep. You can also call one of our customer service reps and request a form, we'll fax or e-mail it to you. See Contact Us.

13.  What types of art files do you take?  Back to the top

We accept all types of disks. Please see Artwork Guidelines for more info.

14.  Can you install the graphics for me?  Back to the top

We have top professional installers at our facility. We also contract only the best 3M™ certified installers across the country as well as internationally for on location installations. We will be happy to arrange all of the details for you. Can I install these graphics myself? Installation Instructions.

15.  Do you offer credit terms?  Back to the top

Credit terms are available with approval. Please download and complete a "Credit Application" form and fax it to your account rep. You can also call one of our customer service reps and request a form, we'll fax or e-mail it to you. See "Contact Us".

16.  How wide can you print without a seam?  Back to the top

Most vinyls come on a 150 ft. roll, with PRINT widths of 35" - 48" - 52" - 58.5". We do have many specialty vinyls and films that are even larger. We can also print banners up to 10'6" without a seam. It is best to call us with your specific need to determine the best material for your project.

17.  How long have you been in business?   Back to the top

AdGraphics was the very first large format digital printer back in 1992, when it all started. We are very proud to be recognized by the graphics industry as the leader in large format graphics. See our "About Us" page for more info.

18.  Do you offer die cutting?   Back to the top

We can mount your graphics and cut any shape and any thickness of substrate to enhance your graphics. See our "Die Cutting" page.

19.  What is "PREMASK"?  Back to the top

"Application tape" or "transfer tape" (if needed) is applied to the graphic image to hold "Free-Floating" text or images together. It also prevents stretching or scratches prior to installation.

20.  Do you print paper posters?  Back to the top

We have a wide variety of quality display papers for your poster needs, call our customer service reps for info. See "Contact Us".

21.  Can you scan in my picture?  Back to the top

We have different types of scanners to accommodate any original for reproduction. Please see "Artwork Guidelines" page for more info.

22.  Can you mount my graphics?  Back to the top

We have many different types of substrates to accommodate any application. Please see our "Mounting" page for more info.

23.  Where are you located?  Back to the top

We are located on the east coast of Florida between Miami and West Palm Beach, 20 minutes north of Ft Lauderdale. Our address is...

AdGraphics, Inc.
3101 West McNab Road
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Please see location page for directions and a map to our facility.