AdGraphics is a 3M Scotchprint Graphics Authorized Manufacturer.

FTP software is necessary to upload files to our server. *FreeFTP software is one the easiest and most common, and download is totally FREE. Note: User ID & Password is required to upload files to our server. Please contact your account rep for your access codes.

  FreeFTP Website

Upload Instructions Using FTP Software

Once you are logged in, simply drag or copy-paste your file into the folder. It should start the upload to our server automatically. Please send a confirmation email to your account rep once your file has finished uploading.

                     Upload Your Files Using the Internet

If you prefer, you can use a 3rd party file transfer service VIA the internet. These services are typically slower, but FTP software is not required on your computer. A popular service is *YouSendIt.

  YouSendIt Website
Email: with questions regarding the transfer of your files.
*AdGraphics is not affiliated with YouSendIt, or FreeFTP, and AdGraphics assumes no liability for these companies.